Steps to Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus Using Tea Tree Oil


Toenail fungus is known to affect adults who are more 60 years mostly. The fungal infection can be noticed when your toenails begin to discolor and become either yellow or white spots. The nails will begin to crumble at the edges and thicken, and other nails will become affected as time goes by. Other symptoms include the name becoming distorted and product production of foul smell.

People might spot dark colors that are caused by debris which builds up under the nails. Fungal nail infections are caused by different fungi, but the most common one is dermatophyte. Older adults are commonly affected because the nails will become dry and brittle with time and eventually crack so fungi will enter. The fungi and also be caused by low blood circulation to the feet and poor immune system.

You cannot get toenail fungus from other people. People are encouraged to leaving their feet wet since they can get fungus infection or if they sweat too much. If you have a history of athlete’s foot and minor skin and nail injuries, then you might get toenail fungus. People suffering from the fungus will endure a lot of pain if they do not seek help immediately which will become serious over time. Visit this website about fungus.

Onychomycosis normally thrives in moisture so ensuring your feet are dry then you can enjoy walking around without too much stress. You can use oil from tea tree which is produced from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. The oil has been used for healing skin injuries and has the best medicinal values that fight the infections. Tea tree oil has antibiotic features and used to treat nail fungus. You should apply it on a regular basis which will improve the appearance of the nails, learn more here!

You should prepare your nail by removing dead nail using a nail clipper.  This will help you get rid of all dead nails and clean your toenail with soap and water to get rid of the dust. Tea tree oil a natural disinfectant that contains fungicidal and antibacterial properties. You should ensure the oil is diluted before using it. You should apply it on the infected areas and press gently until liquid comes out.

Ensure the oils reaches deep the nails and let it dry out. Some prefer soaking their feet in tea tree oil solution mixed with waters. A few drops of the oil at will do wonders and should last for about 15-20 minutes. Ensure you do the procedure two times in a day to get quick results.


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